Savion is regarded as a musical genius of his time. He is a music producer who resides in Toronto prior to the Great War and was Sara Simms' long time lover, husband and studio partner. Savion was a community leader who was always trying to bring the people together to rebuild a future within the shattered streets of post-Great War Toronto. He often physically confronted the CACU and was known for attempting to keep innocent people out of harm’s way.

Savion died in a tragic plane crash shortly after the war ended. He had been traveling to Japan to meet with his musical shaman to study ancient musical arts that would allow him to defeat Bogtown once and for all. His musical findings disappeared along with his body and it was rumored that Doyle was behind his demise.


Name: Savion Simms

Occupation: DJ/Producer

Powers: Musical genius. Knows scores that allow him to harness the power of the Ancients.

Weapons: None

Nutshell: You live, you learn…you crash, you burn.