The CACU are the mutant army that carry out Doyle Delano’s orders. The original CACU unit was composed of ex-American army men who were looking for an outlet after the government structure collapsed and permanently dispatched them.  A rough and cold-blooded group, they can frequently be found tyrannizing the citizens of Toronto.

Inside the depths of Bogtown Records, Doyle devises a method to multiply and strengthen the CACU army, and creates a deviant breed of CACU capable of fully utilizing the force of the negative sound waves.  The massive turntable headshells that have been amputated onto their arms are capable of shooting Bogtown’s deadly sound waves.


Name: Citizen Anti-Crime Unit (CACU)

Occupation: Doyle Delano's foot soldiers

Weapons: Firearms loaded with Bogtown's negative sound waves; turntable headshell and styli prosthetic limbs