What do you get when you cross a DJ/electronic music producer with a comic book-loving writer/artist? Add superheroes, a mutant army, a dash of rock and roll and you have sibling duo Sara Simms and Melle Oh and their ground-breaking comic book project, The Future Prophecy. What makes the project so unique? The sisters are story's heroines, complete with magical superpowers and costumes to match.

The superstar sibling team of Sara Simms and Melle Oh have been working together to bring electronic music, video projects and live events to life for over a decade. Sara is multi-instrumentalist who is known for her love of music technology and Melle Oh is a creative visionary. Somehow they managed to find time to write a comic book/album series about two of their favourite things: DJs and superheroes. Their cat Nitten seems to like the project, which is a good sign that you'll like it too.