Decklyn Dubs is a characteristic brainiac and a highly aware, inspirational leader. He is the owner of Thymeless, a Toronto club known for its reggae and dubstep nights and massive soundsytem. He strongly opposes Bogtown and their music, and his club is often raided and the partrons beaten, robbed or scared off by the CACU. Decklyn is a technology wizard, and creates musical gadgets to combat Bogtown in his secret backroom at the club. He forms a plot to find Sara, as he knows she is the One who can reach the Prophecy, and write the notes of the future.


Name: Decklyn Dubs

Occupation: Technological Wizard and Thymeless Club Owner

Affiliation: Sara Simms Crew

Powers: Brainiac

Weapons: A Variety of Musical Gizmos, Thingamajigs and Whatchamacallits

Nutshell:  Not anti-social, just not user friendly