Dextra Delano is Doyle’s beautiful daughter, born into wealth and luxury. From an early age, Doyle enrolled her into evil vocal lessons, where she learned the art of ventriloquism, and the ability to imitate any sound. Dextra disguises her voice to sound sweet and innocent to attract victims before letting out a deadly scream that paralyzes them. She is a seductive temptress with a rebellious streak.

Dextra has a playful spirit; capturing and torturing victims is simply fun and games for her. She uses Bogtown’s studio’s as her playground, where she records racy vocals over dark dubstep tracks.  She spends most of her time having fun and frolicking about, but remains loyal to her father’s wishes, who has always provided her with everything her wicked heart desires.


Name:  Dextra Delano

Occupation: Vocalist

Affiliation:  Bogtown

Powers: Paralyzes with her deadly scream, ability to imitate any sound with her voice

Nutshell: Dubstep Diva