Gui Guillotine is Doyle’s protege, a ruthless villain who is capable of committing any crime. He is a talented techno producer and DJ, and was once a successful showman in Japan. Gui suffered a loss so great that he begged Bogtown Records to remove his heart, which they replaced with a pacemaker that beats steadily at the bpm of techno. His mechanical heart empowers him to create time freezes by intentionally slowing down its bpm. Now an empty shell of his former self, Gui is motivated by fame, power, women and greed.

A handsome and confident man, Gui can easily become agitated, and is somewhat mentally unstable. He frequently bursts into uncontrollable violent rages, and shows no mercy to his victims when he loses his temper. Gui carries two vintage pistols, which are loaded with Bogtown’s negative sound waves. He is often found wrapped up in his luxurious lifestyle, but his vicious outbursts reveal what a true savage he is.


Name:  Gui Guillotine

Occupation:  Doyle Delano’s Protégé

Affiliation:  Bogtown

Powers :  A mechanical heart that beats at the bpm of techno, and can slow down to freeze time

Weapons:  Two vintage pistols loaded with Bogtown’s negative sound waves

Nutshell:  The high life takes a low blow