King Selah is a Jamaican singer who courageously fights for freedom in difficult times; he is a true reggae warrior. Before the Great War, his band House of David Gang was Canada’s largest touring reggae act, and he hosted a popular roots reggae radio show. Many moons ago, King Selah left his beloved family in Jamaica to find success in the Canadian music business.

In the bleak post-Great War times, King tries to keep the people’s spirits alive by broadcasting music, newscasts and positive vibrations on his own pirate radio station. His voice is an inspiration and a source of hope to all. King Selah becomes allies with the Sara Simms crew and helps to organize an army of Jamaican-Canadian soldiers. He has a magical rope that he uses to stealthily climb up buildings during battles.


Name: King Selah

Occupation: Rasta Radio Announcer

Affiliation: Sara Simms Crew

Weapons: Magical Rope

Nutshell: The last reggae warrior