The aftermath of The Great War has left Toronto in a state of ruin, and the notorious Bogtown Records has seized control of the city. Bogtown's CEO Doyle Delano, his daughter Dextra and Gui Guillotine are rumored to be conducting human experimentation using negative sound waves to build their CACU army. Bogtown Records signs guitarist Xander to create tracks that will spread their evil sound waves.

Technological wizard Decklyn Dubs knows that only Sara Simms can restore Toronto and save the future of music. Unfortunately, Sara has retreated to the depths of the sewer to seek solace after her lover Savion was killed in mysterious plane crash. To fufill her destiny, Sara must overcome her own turbulent past and learn to utilize her musical superpowers. With the help of her younger sister Melle, Decklyn Dubs and King Selah, she begins to build an army of faithful followers. Her loyal comrades courageously fight again Bogtown, while Sara embarks on a mystical quest to unearth the Future Prophecy.