Xander is an accomplished guitar player, and bona fide rock star. He was recruited to Bogtown Records for his musical talent, which he exudes in abundance. Xander is a deeply complex character with a dual nature, who is drawn to the dark side by the promise of super powers, riches, a luxurious lifestyle and a world class recording studio. Originally against the corporation, he once created music with Savion and Sara before the Great War. He is Melle’s romantic interest, until he decides to sign with Bogtown.

Xander rides a futuristic-looking motorcycle, and is gifted with superhuman speed. He is able to think, move, sense, react and play guitar at speeds much faster than a normal human. As the story progresses, he becomes increasingly uncomfortable with Bogtown’s evil plan, and disillusioned with the bitter emptiness of his decisions. His split personality causes him psychological anguish, and he is constantly undecided about which side he should be fighting for.


Name: Xander

Occupation: Guitarist

Affilation: Unclear

Powers: Superhuman Speed

Nutshell: Friend, Foe and Beyond